Welcome.  I’m a single woman, a healthcare professional, a former infertility patient, dog-mother, daughter, best friend, granddaughter and domestic goddess, and now mama to Chloe and Emma.

I’ve been on the path to becoming a single mother by choice since 2000.  Trying since 2005, first with donor sperm, then with adoption.  Boy was that a fiasco.  Now, after climbing back in the stirrups for another several rounds of squirty-up-the-clacker™, I gave birth to twin girls in October 2008 at 32 weeks gestation.  (I’d like to thank the academy, my RE, all of the thousand people who told me to “just relax”, the embryologist, the makers of Bravelle and PIO, my perinatologist and my OB who looks just like a younger version of Colonel Sanders.)  The NICU was an experience and a half, and now we’re all home loving the chaos.

I’m a quintessential Virgo, and love a clean house, hot men, chocolate cake, real Coke, Jack Daniels and scottish terriers.  I garden, bake, knit, make jam, scrapbook and sew things.  I watch far too much television, spend half my paycheck at Yankee Candle and hardly ever make it to the gym.  I do, however, frequently walk Piper the WonderScottie and eat granola for breakfast.  So things cancel out.

I’m a physician assistant in the ER in a mid-sized city hospital, a.k.a. The House of God.  Patient-related stories have minor (and sometimes major) details changed to protect the innocent, or guilty, as the case may be.  Bottom line, it ain’t you, your grandma or your crazy cousin Herbert.  Move along.

Starbuck is my BFF since forever.  We spend most of our free time together contributing to the local sales tax base, eating Mexican food, drinking beer*, telling snarky stories about people we know (and people we don’t,) and lusting after our TV boyfriends.  Ahem.  (Confidential to Michael Vartan:  Call me.)

Read on for snarkiness on all topics, including random message board posters, crazy patient complaints, familial follies, the antics of my former adoption agency, semi-to entirely-crappy television, those nutjobs in Washington and whatever else pops into my head.


*Beer hiatus now over.  As is wine hiatus and Jack Daniels hiatus.  Glory be.


5 Comments on “About”

  1. Jen Says:

    can I use “squirty-up-the-clacker” (which I’m doing too!) if I give you credit?

    I nearly cried laughing at that phrase. Beautiful.

  2. Nicole Says:

    An old acquaintance just stopping by to say congrats!

  3. Justwanttwo Says:

    Hi Kate,

    Not sure if you’ll get this message or when, but I am an SMC with an almost four year old and twin 6 months olds by DIUI. I used to post on the Net54 board a long time ago, now I mostly lurk and read. I don’t want to be too forward, but if you ever need advice/to rant rave about the twins and the SMC thing, please email me.

    My one piece of advice……it get easier every month!!

    Good luck and best wishes with the duration of your pregnancy. I am so happy that you are rounding the corner to 32 weeks…..keep those girls in a for a few more….I had mine at 36w3d, and they are great!


  4. Dear Snarky Bitch,

    Hi, my name is Nik Sonfield and I’m writing on behalf of Mind’s Eye Productions and it’s founder, Deirdre Fishel. We love your blog and thought that you and your readers might be interested in Deirdre’s latest documentary, “Sperm Donor X.” The film follows three single women and their experiences as they attempt to become pregnant using sperm donors.

    As the daughter of a single mother who chose to use a sperm donor, I believe strongly in this project. I hope you will take the time to visit our website, mindseyeprods.com, for further information. We need more media material that humanizes the sperm donor process! Get “Sperm Donor X” and share it with your friends and community! We need your support!

    Here is a little more information from Deirdre about her documentary:

    My name is Deirdre Fishel and I have just completed editing a deeply personal documentary that follows me and three other diverse women as we decide to pursue single motherhood, navigate the bizarre waters of picking sperm donors over the internet, deal with our parents, try to get pregnant, and ultimately embrace how lucky we are to be alive now and able to create joyous families of biological and adopted children.

    I started the project six years ago, filming myself and the other women for two years. But when my kids were born I took a hiatus, for many reasons. Two years later the call to continue came when a friend wrote an article on single mothers by choice. These women were freaks. They were humorless, even their children seemed to bring them no joy. I become obsessed with telling the story from the inside. The film received a New York State Council of the Arts grant which took it through more shooting. Editing has just been completed by a two-time Academy Award nominee who worked on deferment because he believed so strongly in the project. Now all we need is to raise finishing funds to get it out.

    The film is fiscally sponsored by WOMEN MAKE MOVIES, so all donations are tax deductible. Give a $100, get a DVD and a credit on the film. But no donation is too small. Or if you want to help in another way give a house party where you show the film and invite your friends. Every dollar counts. My contact info is ph: 917-922-7845 email:deirdref@mindspring.com. Go to mindseyeprods.com or stilldoingit.com to learn more about me and my work.

    Only six percent of children will grow up in a traditional family, meaning two straight people, who marry first, have kids and don’t separate. We need more images that show that while going it alone certainly isn’t easy, alternative families are in now way second best. Thanks in advance for your support!

    Checks can be made to Women Make Movies and sent to Deirdre Fishel, 406 Douglass St., Brooklyn, NY 11217

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