Forty-nine Pounds of Toddler

Chloe and Emma survived their “18 month” (really more like 20 – still correcting for gestational age here) pediatric visit without too much angst.  Three shots a piece, but no real ill effects after a good nap.  After weighing them, it became clear that I’m not just a big sissy for having trouble toting them together everywhere.  Chloe was 23#3 oz, and Emma 25#10.  That’s 49 lbs!  No wonder my arms are tired.

In other news, I’m feeling inspired to start blogging more, and am feeling the need for a big overhaul.  I’m considering dropping the S-B name for something else entirely, but am at a bit of a loss.  I’d like something that summarizes or at least hints at my various roles/descriptors (mama, fake doctor*, domestic goddess**, afflicted with a severe lack of tolerance for nonsense) but I’m coming up short.  Suggestions?

* A patient recently asked me if we had any “real doctors” working.   The rest of the evening was spent referring to my attending as “real doctor” and to me as “fake doctor.”   Heh.

**Domestic goddess.  Right.  Have you seen my living room after the twinadoes get finished?  We all have to aspire to something, I suppose.

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3 Comments on “Forty-nine Pounds of Toddler”

  1. nycphoenix Says:

    when i thought i was going to have children I was going to transition Forever Reaching to

    A Sexy MotherBlogger

  2. Kate Says:

    I’m glad you will be back to blogging :0) I really enjoy your blog!

  3. Care Says:

    I’m low on brain utilization right now, so any suggestions I make would be immediately tossed in the trash, although I will say I’ll miss S.B. 🙂

    49 lbs of toddler – yes, I’d say that gets pretty darn heavy to haul around!

    I’d like to make a weekend trip up your way some time this summer – now that everyone is relatively healthy (not sane, just healthy). We would stay at that hotel with the indoor water park – I swear my kids would live in the water if I let them. Maybe a trip to the zoo.

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