Nineteen Months

We’re running headlong into the toddler phase!  Chloe started walking, full-tilt, on Easter (the 4th) and Emma followed suit on the 29th, after much “physical therapy.”  (Being held by the hand and walked all over the house for long periods each day.)

They’re joyful little people, who loved their first ice cream cones at Dairy Queen, live to find and pet the cat cat cat CAT CAT and are constantly in motion at any time that their eyes are open.

Sleep:  11-13 hours at night, 2-3 hour nap each day.

Food:  Anything and everything.  Big hits recently are raspberry fruit bars, lobster, crab, ice cream and drinks of mama’s pop.  Which makes it sound like a 24/7 junk fest around here, although it’s not.  They eat a wide variety of foods well, although Chloe’s more of a carnivore and Emma likes her veggies and fruits best.

Nursie:  Early a.m. on waking, and rarely if someone’s hurt/sick and needs a little extra love.

Teeth:  Chloe has all 16 now, Emma has 9.

Apparel:  18 month clothes, size 4 shoes, size 3 dipes for day, size 4 overnights for night.  The day dipes are starting to leak, so we may be going up a size soon.

Dimensions:  Emma is 24 lbs, and Chloe is 22.

Words:  Chloe – go, out.  Emma – sister.

Likes: Chloe – goldfish crackers, her milk cup, the Wonder Pets CD.  Emma – petting anyone (cat, dog, sister, me), shopping (she pulls on the tags/fabrics to examine them), strawberries.

Dislikes: Chloe –being imprisoned against her will (a.k.a. the carseat), broccoli.   Emma – string cheese, being alone.

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