Seventeen Months

The second nap, she is gone.  One nap a day = mama tied to the living room to closely observe the toddlers, and zero blogging time on the antiquated desktop ‘puter.  (Fear not – a new laptop is due to arrive late April.  And not a moment too soon.)

Chloe took her first independent steps on February 28th.  Emma still thinks that walking without assistance is pretty risky stuff, and is holding off to see how it works out for sister.  They both cruise all over the place, and are getting more confident at standing up in the middle of the room with no assistance.

They’ve fallen in love with the WonderPets this month, as well as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I find myself wandering around at work singing to myself about animals in trouble/mousketools.  Could be worse.  The common denominator is singing, lots of singing.  Which leads to toddler dancing while standing in front of the TV.  Hysterical.

Apparel:  12 month clothes, with some 18 month thrown in.  Size 3 shoes.  Size 3 diapers.

Sleep:  11-13 hours at night, one nap for 2-3 hours, usually in the afternoon.

Food:  Everything.  Newish foods:  peanut butter, bacon (not together.)  They continue to consume amazing amounts, and we have no earthly idea where Chloe puts it all.

Nursie:  2x/day.  Once when waking up, and once after nap.

Teeth:  Chloe – 14, Emma – 6.

Dimensions:  Emma was 23#4oz and 29.75 inches at their doctor’s appointment, and Chloe was 20#14 oz, 29.5 inches.

Words:  Chloe – bye, hi, go.  Emma – ‘kay, whee, hi.

Likes: Chloe – eating dog food, ducks.  Emma – the red triangle block, long may it reign.

Dislikes: Chloe –  not being allowed to press the TV buttons.  Emma – being left alone (or with Chloe).

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