Super Cake

Starbuck and I got together (with the urchins) for a tiny Super Bowl party.  Starbuck was going to either celebrate her Colts’ victory, or agonize over their defeat, so she needed chocolate.  I’m still doing the old Weight Watcher thing, so it needed to be low-cal.  So I made chocolate cake, with diet pepsi.

Simplest.  Recipe.  Ever.

10 oz diet soda (we used diet pepsi)

1 box cake mix (devil’s food here)

Combine, bake per package directions.  Eat.  The end.

4 WW points per serving, 12 servings per recipe.  Yum.

Verdict:  A little chewy, but much less lardolicious than regular cake.  B+

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2 Comments on “Super Cake”

  1. Lawmommy Says:

    Are you kidding about this? Because, seriously, one should not joke about WW points and things that are chocolate. It tasted okay?

  2. elowyn Says:

    Not kidding. It really wasn’t bad. It wasn’t gourmet or anything, but a good sweet WW fix.

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