Sixteen Months

Busy.  That’s the key adjective these days.  Busy busy busy busy BUSY.  Chloe’s over here, Emma’s over there, Chloe’s trying to sneak the remote from behind my back while Emma’s crawling over to the dishwasher to “kiss the baby” (her reflection) while Chloe’s given up on the remote and is now headed for the dog dish to play in the water.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  (There’s a reason I’m actually posting this over three weeks late.)

They crawl, and cruise beautifully.  They can stand independently for a few seconds, and are close to standing up from the middle of the floor (without a table/etc to lean on.)  They like to look at their board books by themselves, and love to be read to.  The Wiggles are close family friends.  They both sing in the car, and are picking up new words by the day.

My grandmother (semi-demented) gave them horrendously tacky singing/dancing animals for Christmas.  One’s a sunglass-wearing moose that sings “Shout” and flaps its ears, and the other’s a dog in a Christmas box that sings some other Christmasified hit of the 60’s (I can’t remember which, and I’ll be damned if I’m waking them up by playing the stupid thing.)  The girls, of course, think they’re woooonderful.  They dance.  Shake their booties.  Chloe taps her foot like she’s going to a hoedown.  Sadly, Grandma didn’t give these with earplugs for Mama.

Sleep:  11-12 hours a night.  3 hours during the day, in two naps. (Both of which are preceded by several minutes to an hour of play.  I can smell “one nap” coming.  Woe.)  Emma could use about a half hour or so more a day than Chloe, but damned if I know how to make that happen when they share a room and wake up/screech if the other is absent.

Food:  Anything and everything.  They’re drinking more milk these days, and love the broccoli/cheese/rice/chicken meal that I whip up from time to time.  Nutritious, easy *and* apparently delicious.  That and bananas and the odd vanilla wafer would probably hold them indefinitely.  Breakfasts are bagels (blueberry or cinnamon raisin, generally), or if we have time pancakes and bacon.  (Big hit.)  Grilled cheese sandwiches are also a big staple.

Nursie:  3x/day.  The bedtime nursie is officially done.  They just weren’t terribly interested.  I think that’s a combo of not having it 3 nights per week when I work, and going to bed pretty quickly after dinner so still having full tummies.

Teeth: Chloe has 12, Emma 6.   Further proof that a) they are not identical and b) there’s a wide range of “normal” teething.

Apparel:  12 month clothes, size 3 shoes, size 3 dipes.  And lots of traction-bottomed socks for cruising on the wood floors.

Dimensions:  I’m guessing Emma’s around 22 lbs and Chloe around 20.  Plus-minus.

Words:  Chloe – duck, quack, diaper, uh-oh.  Uh-oh is BIG.  Everything is uh-oh.  (For both of them, but Chloe foremost.)  Emma – Piper, dog, diaper, giraffe (jaff), uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh.  And the jabbering, heaven help us all when they’re four and these are real words that I’m supposed to be attending to.

Likes: Chloe – anything involving cheese, taking off her shoes, the dog dish.  Emma – her little people giraffe, her taggie lovey, graham crackers.

Dislikes: Chloe – diaper changes, being restrained in any way from her very important missions.  Emma – meat-type items (she’ll eat them, but always last), parental disapproval.



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One Comment on “Sixteen Months”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I can’t believe how big they are getting!

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