Fifteen Months

Time flies when you’re having fun.  And when you’re dodging thrown sippy cups and flying bits of cinnamon raisin bagel.  And saying things like “No, you may not pick your sister’s nose.”

They’re glorious this month.  Crawling everywhere (Emma’s finally figured out that all-fours works better than the asymmetric Biblical paralytic routine she had going before.)  Cruising on furniture (Chloe’s adept at it, Emma a bit more cautious, as per normal.)  Jabbering a mile a minute.  Eating anything and everything put before them, particularly vegetables (Emma) and meats (Chloe.)

Sleep:  11-12 hours/night, 3-4 hours total nap usually divided into two naps.  I think they could transition to 1 nap at this point, but it results in less total sleep time, so we’re holding off for now.

Food:  noodles, steak, broccoli, cinnamon grahams, vanilla wafers, you name it.  And milkmilkmilkmilk.  They recognize the milk jug, and are very clear on what they want (although not having the word for it quite yet.)

Nursie: 3ish times per day, with the first-thing-in-the-morning feed being most important, followed by two after-nap feeds.  The bedtime feed is almost nonexistent.

Teeth:  Chloe’s sprouted two molars, making ten for her; Emma has five.

Apparel: Diapers size 3.  Clothes edging into 12 months (especially Emma.)  Shoes size 2, nearly 3.

Dimensions:  Emma 21.5 lbs, Chloe 19.5 lbs.  Both according to their Baby Wiis.

Words:  Emma – mama, ‘kay (as in OK), dog, kiss, cracker, bye-bye, hi, yeah, uh-oh.   Chloe – mama, Piper, dog, kisses, bye-bye, hi, yeah, uh-oh, “dat” (that).

Likes:  Chloe – steak, her binky (Quackers the Wubbanub), crawling around trying to get the adults to chase her, attempting to climb the stairs.   Emma – green beans, medicine (Tylenol, Advil, Robitussin, whatever – she’s not particular), the horrendously tacky singing/ear-flapping dogs that Great-Grandma bought her for Christmas.

Dislikes:  Chloe – bedtime, diaper changes.  Emma – the cold, being scolded for anything (she just wells up and cries.)

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