By The Numbers

I’m not going to call them resolutions.  How about…goals?  (And here I start to feel as though I’m channeling Capt Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean.  Guidelines… But I digress.)

Goals for 2010:

1) Physical:

a) 300 days x 30 minutes on the Wii Fit. So far I’ve done 1.  But have had a nasty cough (thank you, Mycoplasma pneumoniae) since January 2nd.  Will aim for improvement in future.  (Thanks for the idea, Elaine!)

b) 350 days On-Plan with Weight Watchers. 100 % so far.  With the breastfeeding points it’s not too hard, but lo will I weep when they get taken away.  Gotta get that baby weight off, though, one way or another.

2) Parental:

a) 30 minutes of quality time with the girls each day.  That sounds like nothing, but so much of our time is half-distracted, on-our-way to do something else, and I want to watch them, enjoy them, soak them up.  They’re only toddlers just this minute, and then they’ll be in college.

b) 1 good photo shoot of the girls per week. Not counting the little off-hand snaps.

3) Personal:

a) 50 grown-up, non-work books. Book report here, or it didn’t happen.  (Sorry Sandra Boynton and Dr. Tintinalli, but your respective works are NOT on the approved list.)

b) 50 movies. With popcorn.  I feel like I haven’t seen a non-Wiggles DVD in months.  That needs to change.

4) Domestic:

a) 1 room de-cluttered and deep-cleaned per month. I’m hanging in there with the day-to-day cleaning (mostly) but the deep stuff?  Just.  Never.   Happens.  As it is now, I have 12 rooms/zones that I can focus on this year.

b) 1 laundry day per week. Wash it all, dry it all, fold it all, and put it all away.  I’m tired of half-folded, half-put-away piles sitting, and to-be-washed piles sitting, and piles in general.  Blech.

5) Creative:

a) 50 new recipes. Will share, if it’s decent.  If not, will post a suitable warning.

b) 12 finished knitted objects. Pics (and pattern link) in this space.

c) 1 finished cross-stitched item this year. Pattern TBD.   Progress photos on the blog, time frame TBD.

d) 50 finished scrapbook pages. Saturday morning naptime for the girls = scrapping time for me.

6) Financial:

a) 50 weeks under budget ($100/week) for groceries. This may take some real calculator skills and creativity, but I’m up for it.

b) 100% paid off credit card and student loan. (Leaving only car and house loans for debt.)  This is a high bar, but I’m going to attempt it.

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One Comment on “By The Numbers”

  1. Lawmommy Says:

    These are good goals.

    My only goal for 2010 involves my weight and being physically healthier…

    For your books – I just finished (literally, just put it down before I logged on) a book called “Beat the Reaper” by Josh Bazell. It’s about a hitman turned very cynical doctor – it’s fast paced, very, very, very darkly comic, and I could not put it down. (But you know I am a sucker for a hitman story.)

    Please do share good recipes if you find them! Especially if WW friendly!

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