Fourteen Months

Fourteen.  It sounds so…toddlerish.  And with the developmental leaps and bounds going on in this house, I guess that fits.

In the past month, Emma has started pulling up on things, crawling on all fours, and said her first word (dog) on Thanksgiving, with several others close behind.  (Chloe had about a month’s head start on her, with “mama” on October 15th.)  She loves to give kisses, and frequently shares her graham cracker/cookie/what-have-you with me.  (Yes, daughter, slobbery graham is my favorite flavor!)

Chloe cruises all around Baby Shawshank, jabbering like crazy, and gets into anything she can find.  Her latest expression is a tight “O” of interest/surprise/amusement at anything/everything.  Christmas lights.  Cell phone ring tones.  Random items in stores.  Graham crackers.  Ohhhhhh.  She’s also developed an ornery streak that has all of the adults laughing.

Sleep:  11-12 hours/night, 3-4 hours total nap divided into two naps.

Food:  bagels, cheese, broccoli, stuffing, pumpkin pie, hot dogs, anything not nailed down.  Including Science Diet.  The holy trifecta of foodstuffs is composed of bananas, graham crackers and milk.

Nursie: 3ish times per day, with the first-thing-in-the-morning feed being most important.  After-nap is desirable but can be distracted from, and before-bed is pretty nominal at this point.  Emma’s much more interested than Chloe is just now.

Teeth:  Chloe’s holding at 8, Emma has five.  The present location of her right lateral upper incisor is unknown, as its mate has been in for weeks.  Film at 11.

Apparel: Diapers size 3.  Clothes edging into 12 months (especially Emma.)  Shoes size 2, getting close to 3.

Dimensions:  Emma 20#2 oz and 28.5 inches, Chloe 18#8 oz and 28 inches.  Both with “personal bests” on the growth charts per their pedi.

Words:  Emma – dog, kiss, cracker, bye-bye, hi, yeah.  You’ll note that “mama” is absent.  Hmmph.  Chloe – mama, dog, bye-bye, hi, yeah, done.  And oooohhhh…if that counts.

Likes:  Chloe – her sippy cup, Christmas lights, playing in the dog bowl.  Emma – lima beans, snuggles, the Wiggles

Dislikes:  Chloe – riding her rocking elephant, super-afraid of the flappy crawling butterfly toy (put that way it sounds a little creepy to me, too.)  Emma – being mauled by her over-active sister, being left alone anywhere.

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One Comment on “Fourteen Months”

  1. Care Says:

    14 months – wow – how did they grow up so fast?! I love reading your updates on E and C.

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