We had extended-family Thanksgiving on the traditional day at Cracker Barrel, which was underwhelming, but the best we could do with me working both T-giving Eve and Day, and no other willing chefs in the family.  The babies loved the grub, and Dad will eat anything, and demented grandmonster doesn’t know any better, but the rest of us were less than thrilled.  It was OK.  It served.  The pie was good.  That is all.

So tomorrow I’m making a little Thanksgiving feast for my family of three.  Turkey breast.  Mashed potatoes.  Dressing.  Rolls.  Cranberry Sauce.  Vegetable.  Pumpkin pie.  Then I’m going to relax in the evening and watch Home Alone and knit and drink wine.  The only bit missing is the Macy’s parade (and if I’d had half a brain I could have Tivo’ed it.)

Also tomorrow, watch this space for the Christmas feature.  It’s the First Sunday of Advent, and it’s going to run through Epiphany.

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