This old meme again.  I did it using my real first name, which led to some interesting hits, let me tell you.  Why the old meme?  Because it’s still fun, dang it.  Now go do it yourself.  You know you wanna.*

Elowyn is… in love with her preschool class, and has learned skills like coloring in the lines and content like bible verses.

Yes.  Very proud of myself.  Next I’m working on tying my shoes.

Elowyn is… the Bombers’ secret weapon.

You know it.

Elowyn is… anorexic, and she entered a treatment facility.

Hahahaha.  Right.

Elowyn is… is breaking out of the typical Hollywood trend of keeping their Botox use a secret.

Crap.  You’re all on to me know.  I admit it – I have a $5K a month Botox habit.

Elowyn is… hiding money.

No shit.  Gotta pay for the botox, yo.

Elowyn is… OK with solitude.

To heck with OK – some days I’m dying for it!

Elowyn is… she hot or what?

Um, obviously.

Elowyn is… never washing that hand ever.


Elowyn is… useless for editing code which contains hebrew or arabic.

That would be, unfortunately, true.  French or Spanish, I’m your girl.  Or Pig Latin.  I’m aces at Pig Latin.

Elowyn is… a 2-year-old hound mix, whose spirit is more joyful then her story.

I knew I felt the urge to scratch.

And finally…

Elowyn is… one of those rare hybrids of beauty and brains.

Thanks.  I’m glad the world’s finally noticed.

*Seriously?  You need instructions for this?  Google “yourname is” and post the first few interesting hits.

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One Comment on “Is…”

  1. Lawmommy Says:

    Unfortunately, my real first name is that of one of the “real housewives” of some ridiculous place, so the data may be skewed…

    Lawmommy is a dirty liar. (Not true!)
    Lawmommy is a gold digger. (SO not true!)
    Lawmommy is a female fronted rock band from Bristol. (This is news to me?)
    Lawmommy is so hot! (I’ll take that one.)
    Lawmommy is better than both of you, get over it. (Not sure who the other two are?)

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