Dangerous Parenting

Everybody knows somebody who does it.  There’s that one parent who chooses, for whatever reason, to put their child’s best interests second, third or even farther down the list, usually behind “convenience” and/or something being “fun” or “cool.”  I’m not talking about the “big debate” issues, here.  Many/most moms have opinions on breast vs bottle, pacifiers – friend or foe?, cloth vs disposable, etc.  There are absolutely valid situations on both sides, and room for a frazillion different preferences.

Nope, I’m talking about the parents who endanger their child, and don’t give a rat’s ass who knows it.  The ones who leave their six-month-old in the bathtub by herself.  The ones who turn their under-a-year infant front-facing on a whim.  The ones who let their unsupervised infant suck on hard candies while driving around town.

I just want to shake them silly.  Don’t you know what a treasure your little one is?  If you do, why on earth would you risk him for some little infinitesimal pleasure?  And having decided to do so, why in the world would you encourage others to do the same, by advertising it in your message board posts?  If you’re that sure that you’re right, why bother?  And if you’re not, I’d reckon that your conscience is telling you something, that you’re risking your child’s very LIFE because you want to run and answer the telephone while she’s bathing, or because you want to prove those “carseat nazis” wrong.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve seen grieving parents at work, both those whose children made it through an accident, and those who didn’t.  Whenever it’s even close to preventable (and even when it’s not) they’re inconsolable.  Their eyes are haunted.  I can’t imagine their pain.  I can’t imagine knowing that my child was maimed or killed because I was selfish and silly.

We’re given an incredible gift in these children.  It’s our privilege to raise them, protect them, help them to become wonderful adults.  Taking stupid chances with their lives is their privilege when they’re teenagers (despite our warnings and worries) – it’s not our privilege to do so while they’re little.  As my father always says, “Don’t put Be Stupid first on your list of things to do.”

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5 Comments on “Dangerous Parenting”

  1. Cmay Says:

    I were God, I would redo the fertility of the human race. Fecundity should be connected to a minimal IQ of at least 100. I say ovaries (and penis’ too, while I’m at it) should not work unless some minimal smarts have been documented first. At least that would weed out a few of the stupid moves some parents choose.
    How horrible for anyone to have to go through the loss or injury of a child as a result of their own negligence.

  2. k77 Says:

    I hate seeing idiots smoking in their cars with their unrestrained children wandering around the back seat.

  3. Elaine Says:

    Oooo, the hard candy one! I mean, they are all stupid things to do, but I see more little kids with hard candy, and it just makes me want to slap the parents silly. I fully admit I probably go overboard on keeping hard candy from my kids (seriously, even the oldest two have to be sitting in a chair if they are eating a sucker) (that’s what happens when you watch one of your kids turn blue and almost pass out from a piece of ring pop lodged in her throat), but still . . . the little kids running around with hard cany in their mouths, or in the car seat where nobody could do a dang thing for them because mom or dad is driving . . . grrrr.

  4. perchancetodream Says:

    My husband had friends in the UK who used to take their child (about 6 or 7) to the pub and make/let him sleep on the floor while they were out drinking. Don’t even get me started at how much that pisses me off! Shame people don’t need a license to have children! 🙂

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