Deer internet peeplz,

We arr sneeking onto the compooter while mama is at werk and the nannie is lokked in the basemint.  Only temporrarilly, of course.  We promiss to let herr out soon.

We has severral greevances with arr present situashion.

1) We arr being locked in tiny jails everry day at leest three times.  Mama calls this “nap” and “bedtime” but we call it solitarry confinemint.

2) Mama and nannie arr verry unreesonuble, and do nott let us put enything in the little holes in the wall or choo on the wires or clime onto the door of the dishywasher.  We arr just kurious.

3) We arr not allowwed to ride on the dawg or pull her tayle.  We doo not undurstand why.  Shee is a verry nise dawg and it wood be fun.

4) The food is all cut upp into liddle peeses and all soft stuf.  We deemand steaks and appleses and milkshaykes.  They look yummie.  No morr squushy peas!

5) Mama makes us sit fasing bakwords in the carr everry single time!  We jusst want to sea wherre wee arr going and be ebble to exploore the bakseat.

Pleese rescyoo us soon, internet peeplz.  We arr fasing 17 more yeers of this treetmint!


Chloe and Emma

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2 Comments on “SOS”

  1. Elaine Says:

    This cracks me up. Because? I have a seven-year-old neice who spellsjust like “Chloe and Emma”! And she friended me on Facebook. 🙂

  2. Cmay Says:

    So cute. I love it.
    Thanks for the giggle.

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