Thirteen Months

Lucky thirteen!

The boos continue to grow and develop at an astonishing rate. I’m always glad to re-read the previous month’s post, as the snapshot of “where we were” even a month ago fades so quickly. Of course, that could be sleep deprivation talking.

They’re crawling everywhere these days. EVERYwhere. Trying to climb up on the couch (and down from the recliner) with mixed success. More small injuries this month than in the three previous, including the dreaded double-head-bonk a couple of weeks ago. Chloe crawls on all fours now (goodbye, froggy crawl!) and Emma’s starting to get her tum off of the ground as well. They’re both pulling up (C to a full stand, E to her knees) and both Emma and I would really appreciate it if Chloe would figure out how to get down, too. (As it is, she stands there and cries until I rescue her.  Particularly during naptime.  This too shall pass.)

Emma’s clapping now, and waving bye-bye, and Chloe has recently picked up clapping too. Particularly when watching the kangaroos on the Baby Da Vinci dvd, which are apparently freaking hilarious. Who knew?

Chloe has a consistent “mama” now, and is working on “dog” and quacking like a duck. I think “diaper” may be in the works for both. Mostly they speak something that sounds suspiciously like Chinese. They understand a ton now, and have developed little ornery streaks that amuse me immensely. The devilish grins while crawling toward the dog food bowl are too funny. (In related news, am considering swapping bowls, and letting Piper have Cheerios and the babies Science Diet, since that’s what they all seem to want anyway.)

They love to turn the pages in their books, and sing along with the radio in the car. They still love to nurse (four times a day, please) and often kiss each other and me when they’re finished. And sometimes decide to switch from one nursie to the other, so that I have a lap full of 36 pounds of wriggling child.

Chloe has eight teeth now, and Emma has three with an option for another upper incisor. It’s been just almost there for a good week. Fortunately, she’s still in a decent humor. They’re in size 3 diapers, and 6-9 month clothes. Size 2 shoes. When I weighed them at work a couple of weeks ago, Chloe was 17# 3 oz, and Emma was 18# 14 oz.

They’re still sleeping 2 naps a day at 2 hours a piece, and 12ish hours at night. They eat almost anything that I put on their trays (recent additions: black olives, scrambled eggs) and love their sippies.

All in all, they’re a daily joy. I miss them when I’m at work, and begrudge my need to sleep sometimes while they’re contentedly playing in Shawshank (after working all night) and wish I had more time, more energy, more everything to give them.



Pulling up on the crib rail


Hamming it up in any/all situations


Being unable to get down after pulling up on the crib rail


Mandarin oranges




Raw tomatoes

Toy xylophone


Being left anywhere alone

Fish (salmon, fish sticks, you name it)

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