Things I’d like to know:

1) Why my neighbors have sufficient lights on that I can hardly stand the glare in my dining room. With the blinds closed.

2) The subject of the certified letter sent to me by the IRS (for which the USPS left me a receipt.) Even money says it’s an audit (what with the mondo deductions last year.) Highly unlikely that it’s a greeting card.

3) Why it took me all these years to get into Ravelry.

4) Whether it is, in fact, possible for one average human with a point-and-shoot camera to take a decent picture of one terrier, two crawling infants in flower costumes and four jack-o-lanterns. (Signs point to no.)

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2 Comments on “Query”

  1. Care Says:

    1. Very annoying. Appropriate payback would be to arrange spotlights shining directly into their windows in red and green for the entire Christmas season.
    2. Ugh. Just ugh.
    3. What is Ravelry?
    4. Not humanly possible. Indeed, had you managed such a feat, you would be instantly admitted to the parenting hall of fame. Needless to say, you will never see me there.

  2. Lori Says:

    OOoooh, Ravelry is dangerous! (Care it’s a social network for knitters and crocheters.)

    The funnest thread on there is about ugly FOs (finished objects). You can open the thread, click on images, and have yourself a good laugh.

    Agree with Care on the lights. How rude!

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