Autumn Cleaning

Started Autumn Cleaning tonight, with the first “room” – the front porch. Swept off all of the leaves, knocked down cob webs, changed lightbulbs, put out the fall flag, etc.

The “etc” included being scared half to death by a bird still nesting in one of the light fixtures (thought it was an empty nest – can’t see in from below) and nearly being electrocuted by a broken light fixture (again, couldn’t see) caused by yet another bird. Such fun, indeed.

One room down, 13 to go! (That’s including the back patio and the garage.)

Now to go knit, and try to get my heart rate under 200.

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3 Comments on “Autumn Cleaning”

  1. Care Says:

    That was not a very smart bird. I’ve had one try to build a nest in a wreath on the front door – but never the light fixture.

  2. Jillian Says:


    I met a lady who loves birds kind of the way that I love rats. Her bird really impressed me! He had free reign of the house and he landed on my finger. Then he would hop from the finger of one hand to the finger of another hand… and if I didn’t want a bird after that.

    He also talks… but I think he was too excited to say anything when I was playing with him.

  3. Cmay Says:

    I’m guessing it was doves. They choose the most stupid places for hap-hazzard nests. Not good engineers.
    I wonder if the next 13 spaces will be as exciting!

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