Random Friday

1) As of yesterday, Chloe is a verbal beast. “Mama” in context, correctly applied. Swoon.

2) I win the mother of the year award, after both babies sustained significant bonks to the noggin within 10 seconds of each other tonight. Chloe crawled off the seat of the recliner as I was bringing Emma over to join her, and in my failed attempt to catch Chloe, Emma somehow got a bonk to her forehead with a bruise and small scrape. (Meanwhile, Chloe landed on her head on the floor.) Fortunately, it was time for nursie, which cures all ills.

3) It’s definitely fall, because I’m starting a new knitting project. Just a simple baby blanket (so that both mugwumps can have one to sleep with this winter) but it’s something.

4) Nanny J and I took the girls out for Mexican food tonight, which unbeknownst to us was Karaoke night. Emma loved every bit of it, and was getting her baby freak on by dancing on the table. (I held her lower half, and she wiggled her little butt and waved her arms in the air.) Nanny J and I think that her singing was better than some of the legitimate performers, too. This kid’s a musical one.

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