Twelve Months

My little monkeys are a year old!  Their birthday party is this afternoon (3 pm, prime after-nap playtime) featuring a jungle theme, monkey cakes (for them) and the old-family-recipe chocolate cake for the grownups, and lime punch for everyone.

The girls just continue to amaze and delight me.  They crawl at a high rate of speed now (Chloe still a little froglet, and Emma still doing the asymmetrical thing, but they both get there) and are interested in everything.  They’re babbling up a storm, and Nanny J and I both think that Chloe is starting to quack when she sees her toy ducks.  I think we’re only days from meaningful words from both of them.

Chloe pulls up to her knees now, and Emma thinks it looks like a nice idea.  They both can get from crawling to a sit easily, and are constant motion-machines in their play-yard.

We have to nurse in a quiet, boring room now (TV on mute, mom) or they’re constantly popping off to check out the action.  Even the dog is interesting when she walks through the living room.  The recliner, with one baby sitting on each leg, is now the preferred nursing position (rather than double football with the big ol’ nursing pillow) and they often pat each other, hold hands or attempt to poke one another in the eye during their nursie time.

They’re showing a ton of loving behavior these days, with frequent spontaneous kisses from Chloe (including many directed at Emma) and lots of arm-patting from Emma (particularly directed at Chloe when she’s having a little meltdown.)

They nurse 3 to 4 times a day now (morning, naptime once or twice, and bedtime.)  They regularly sleep through the night (11-12 hours) plus two good naps (2ish hours each.)  The occasional night wakeup is generally due to illness or teething.   And they love to eat everything and anything.  They’ve started using their sippy cups independently, and think that milk (whole) and apple juice (diluted) are the nectar of the gods.

They’re starting to edge out of 3-6 month clothes, and the size 1 summer sandals are just almost too small.  An OK thing, as we’re into October.  Size 3 diapers are still the thing.  Chloe still has 6 teeth with no more threatening, and Emma now has two (both lower incisors) and is working on an upper.

We’ve had another full month, with a trip to the state fair, and one to the pumpkin patch, and plenty of time on the porch swing with a pile of Boynton books.  I can now recite “But Not The Hippopotamus” from memory, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Pancakes at the local pancake house


Acrobatics at changing time


Mother’s boring insistence on occasional sleep

Waiting for anything



Pop Goes The Weasel


Attempting to access the nursies in any and all public locations


Being the sole occupant of Baby Shawshank

Camera flashes

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3 Comments on “Twelve Months”

  1. Calliope Says:

    happy first birthday to the girls!!!!!!!

  2. Christina Says:

    Wow, one year old already?! And they are just doing so great! I can’t believe you get full nights’ sleep from both girls, and good naps too! You are one lucky mama.

    Happy Birthday Chloe and Emma!

  3. Natasha Says:

    That is so amazing! Happy Birthday, Girls!!! Pictures!

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