Hanging Up The Horns

I’ve pumped every work night (3 per week) since going back to work in January.  First it was three times a night (for about two weeks) then twice a night (for several months) then once a night (for the last couple of months.)

About early July the babies started regularly sleeping through the night, and I’d built up a big freezer stash during their early days in the NICU, and I started working toward hanging up the ol’ pump horns.

And now, after no pumping in a month (other than one night that I forgot to nurse them before I left the house, and really didn’t want to go 16 hours) my supply hasn’t taken too big of a hit, and we’re slowly using up the freezer stash.  I’m freeeeeee!

I still have four plastic shoeboxes full of bags of milk in the freezer, and once we’re down to one box (sometime late this fall, I’d reckon) we’ll start transitioning them to whole milk for their nighttime bottle (on work nights.)  They’ll still get milk straight from the cow as long as mutually agreeable.  I’m hoping through the flu season, anyway.

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One Comment on “Hanging Up The Horns”

  1. Natasha Says:

    All hail Kate, that is amazing, good job, Mom!

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