At sixteen, Starbuck and I were thick as thieves.  We were good kids, really up to no trouble, but in a small town like ours we were always looking for something amusing to do.  We were both friends with a boy in the grade below me, and were also good friends with our church’s youth minister.  She was a single woman, late thirties, and lived in the manse adjacent to the church.  (Well, it would have been a manse if we’d been a formal church – we just called it “the house.”)

We had Sunday School over there, and she lived out of a couple of rooms, and it was the place to go and crash at any time of the day or night.  Her door was always open, even if she wasn’t home.

One weekend, the youth minister was away for some reason, and the three of us decided to go over there anyway.  We were up to absolutely nothing, when the idea of practical-joking the house struck us.  We forked the yard, turned all the furniture upside down, put upside-down glasses of water on the countertops, changed the labels on the canned goods (this was my particular area of expertise) and saran-wrapped the toilets.

We left a note from “The Upside-Down Bandits” and never said a word to her about it, and thought we were devastatingly clever.  Now, of course, I get what a huge PITA that would be, and feel a bit bad about it, but she took it in good humor, which is why she was a successful youth leader and I tend more toward the Crabby Road “you young scamps get off of my lawn!!”

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2 Comments on “Sixteen”

  1. Elaine Says:

    I forked so many yards at that age. Though I don’t think I did any of the rest of it. How do you put a glass of water upside-down without the water leaking out? I mean, I think I know how to get it that way initially, but then wouldn’t the water leak out around the edges?

  2. elowyn Says:

    Vaseline around the rim. 🙂

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