I spent the year that I was twenty-four working for one of the biggest jackasses on the planet.  One of those guys who’d yell at you inappropriately one hour, then bring the office presents the next to try to make up to everyone.  A real peach.

I knew within the first week that I’d landed a really craptacular job.  It was my first job out of school, though, so I couldn’t just leave.  I stuck it out for over a year, then left with a big smile on my face.

When I talked to the HR rep as I was getting ready to quit, she asked if I had any advice for another PA coming along to take my job.  I had only one word.  Don’t.

Thankfully, both jobs since then have been far better, and no, sir, I’m not an incompetent idiot – you’re just a colossal asshole.

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