The most significant events of twenty-seven occurred in late April and May.  I was in the middle of adopting from Vietnam, which was feeling like less and less of a sure thing given my agency and the country’s collective issues.  I wanted to be a mom desperately.   I was getting ready to start a new job (my current one) with good health insurance.

I was in a serious car accident in late April in which I flipped my Honda Civic end over end, and narrowly caught Piper in time to keep her from going through the windshield.  When I caught my breath (after the car stopped moving) I was on my head, only barely restrained by the seat belt (they really don’t work upside down) and the ground and my caved in windshield were only inches from my face.  If I hadn’t worn a seatbelt…shudder.  I walked away from that wreck, with a hematoma on my scalp and an impressive black eye, and picked glass out of my hands and feet for a few days, and was otherwise none the worse for wear.  It shook me up, though.

Less than two weeks later, my grandfather had a major cardiac event at home, resulting in his being on a ventilator for a couple of days, then ultimately passing away.  It was the first time any close family member had died, and that shook me some more.

Somewhere in the midst of the adoption confusion, those two events made something very clear.  I needed to try for a bio baby, and I needed to do it soon.  The adoption wasn’t going to happen.  I had insurance to cover my maternity care.  It was time to do this thing, even if it took multiple thousands of dollars and IVF.  And the results of those few weeks of chaos are sleeping upstairs.  Sometimes a little shake up is a very good thing indeed.

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