Take A Memo

Dear daughters,

Thank you for sleeping late/playing contentedly in your cribs this morning.  It was nice to sleep in for the first time in months.

However, Chloe, let’s start a policy of keeping our poopy diapers *on* until Mama can change them, rather than taking them off and fingerpainting on oneself, one’s sheets, mattress, bumper pad, lovey, etc.  You can ask Emma about this if you need tips.


Mama (who now has another load of laundry to do)

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3 Comments on “Take A Memo”

  1. BabyMamaToo Says:

    LOL! This is apparently a favorite past time for some infants! My Mother tells me that both my brother and I did this at least once as babies…

  2. Care Says:

    Bwa ha ha ha ha, no really, I’m not laughing. I’ve BTDT, more than once. E once fingerpainted all the clothes in his big brother’s closet. If it becomes a regular thing, I suggest duct tape. It won’t thwart her completely, but will at least give you a bit more time to catch her in the act. :-p

  3. mrsfox Says:

    Aww that made me giggle ^_^ Just be glad she was limited to her crib and not running through the house…

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