Twenty-five was a big year.  A turning point year.  The year that I would have liked to call my quarter-life crisis, but my overwhelming antipathy toward John Mayer makes that impossible.

In one year I:

Quit the Alabama job.  Goodbye, Dr. Ass.  Goodbye.

Got hired at the traveling job.

Moved out of my ‘bama apartment, and rode in the Uhaul 1000+ miles while towing the Civic behind us.

Moved into my apartment here, across the parking lot from Starbuck.

Started the traveling job.  87 hour shifts in the ER, baby!

Bought my house.

Repainted every flat surface in my house, and paneled the unfortunately-treated office.  (Why, previous owners, did you GLUE acoustic foam to the walls, after painting the wallpaper with black paint?  Why??)

Brought home Piper.

And on the same day, did my first home ICI.  Ah, the naivete of youth.  Home ICI.

Visited Washington DC with Starbuck in July.  Never again.  July in DC is evil.  It must be stopped.  We’re going in the fall next time.  Or possibly the spring.  Anytime but July (or August.)

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One Comment on “Twenty-Five”

  1. BabyMamaToo Says:

    Yes, DC in the summer is NO good! Spring is best, with or without cherry blossoms….

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