Ahhh…eleven.   Nerdy glasses.  Nerdier braces.  Incipient puberty.  Such a joyful time.

When I was eleven I became close friends with Annabeth, another girl in my class.  Together we tortured the boys (who were simultaneously torturing us) and made huge plans.  She was going to have boy twins and name them Robert and Bobbert (or William and Billiam) and dye her hair blue and move to Ireland.   Well, she turned up for my high school graduation with blue (really sort of turquoise) hair, and last I heard was still in Dublin, but no word yet on the twins.

We attended the school skating parties that were held every couple of months, and another geeky eleven-year-old (a boy!!!!) held my hand and we skated together.  Thereafter we were “going out” (which of course meant that we attended each other’s birthday pool parties, and went on the rollercoaster together at the school amusement park day.  This also meant that he asked me out on a date, for when we were 16 (hey, he never did come through on that…wonder if he’s on facebook) and chased me around the playground once for a kiss.  Which I let him have.  On the cheek, being a prudish little 11.   He also gave me a “promise ring” which was from the grocery store vending machine, and I wore it on an embroidery thread necklace for a whole year.  Ah, young love…

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