My most vivid memory of age 8 is from a Girl Scout camping trip.

No, not the one with the pouring rain coming in the sides of the “tent”.  (We slept in these odd cabin-like things, with four tent walls that rolled down and tied.  Not exactly water-tight in wind and rain.)

No, not the trip to camp with a counselor named Ketchup.  I assume this was a pseudonym of some kind.

Not the one with badly cooked hamburger-and-potato in an aluminum foil pouch and thrown in the fire, and half the troop throwing up half the night with food poisoning.

This trip, we went for a nice hike.  We’d been gone a couple of hours, and had made a huge circle, and were coming back to the campground across a creek running through a ravine.  The girls ahead of me decided to walk across a fallen log, rather than climbing down into the ravine and back out.  So of course, eight-year-old lemming that I was, I did it too.  Except that I fell off the log about halfway across, and fell 10 feet or so onto the rocky floor of the ravine.  And landed on my head.  (Brief pause while you all nod and say “That explains a lot.”)

I’m not sure which was worse – that the parent leaders didn’t see a problem with us walking on this log, or that they debated for awhile about bringing me home when I couldn’t remember anything for an hour or more, and kept asking the same questions over and over.

Don’t worry, no permanent damage, but I did have a nice concussion.  And I trot that fact out on a regular basis when little Johnny comes into the ER after smacking his coconut on the floor/table/wall/other football player’s helmet, and his mama’s all worried about him.  “Don’t worry, ma’am, I had a concussion when I was eight, and see how well I turned out?”  The white coat throws them every time.

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One Comment on “Eight”

  1. Care Says:

    Heh. These days, due to liability concerns, those poor Girl Scouts are probably required to strap on helmets, knee and elbow pads, and tie themselves together with ropes….and that’s just to climb down and out of the ravine. The log would have been removed and used to make big huge CAUTION signs.

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