30 by 30

Ah, August.  It’s a big month Chez Snarkpot, with the infants turning the big 1-0 (months, that is) and me turning, gulp, 30.  I’m a little astonished, really, to be leaving my twenties.  Starbuck turned 30 two years ago, and I usually say that I’m prepared for any birthday because I’ve had two years to get used to it with her, but this time…

So, in honor of the big event, I’m posting a post a day (that alone should take a minor miracle) with a story from each year of my life, in no particular order.  Guaranteed to be humiliating and/or nonsensical by turns.  I’ll even post pics if I can find any.

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2 Comments on “30 by 30”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Yay for 30!!! I turned 30 on July 5th and I am LOVING it! Its like, you’re officially an adult and don’t have to take crap from anybody. Well, in theory, anyway. I could do without the gray hairs here and there, I am not going to stay gray until its ALL gray, lol! Bring on the haircolor!! Enjoy, mom, you’ve made it this far! And yay, for 10 month old cutie girls!!!!

  2. gypsygrrl Says:

    LOVE your post-a-day idea!!
    your 30s will rock… i am leaving mine soon (turned 38 last month) and am ready for 40!!!!

    happy birthday month to you!

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