Teeth and More

Greetings from the house of teethers.  Chloe’s working on all four of her upper incisors (way to multitask) and Emma’s finally close to getting her first tooth (lower incisor.) 

They’ve made big developmental leaps in the past few days, first and foremost eating any and everything I put in front of them.  I stopped restricting them to one new food at a time over the weekend, so now it’s “anything appropriate” that they can manage.  We’re still avoiding allergens (peanuts, egg whites, strawberries, shellfish), things that are difficult to chew with few/no teeth, choking hazards and things that are hard to digest (citrus, crucifers) but other than that it’s anything goes.  They’re loving it. 

Along the same lines, the pincer grasp is working well for both girls, and they’ve started giving each other kisses which is exactly as cute as you’d think.

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2 Comments on “Teeth and More”

  1. Natasha Says:

    OMG, too adorable! And definitely yay for eating!

  2. Care Says:

    Oh my – how sweet that they are giving each other kisses! I think we need a picture of that.

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