Erasmus B. Dragon

Why the lack of new posts?  Nothing particularly interesting is going on (not that that’s stopped me before) so will just update my three readers with the following list of my recent activities:

  • Whittling away at Mount Washmore, which was originally roughly the size of a Volkswagen Bug (the 60’s model) and is now only one load of baby clothes from completion.  But oh, the folding, yea the folding still needs to be done.  I sense a mini-Alton Brown marathon during nap tomorrow.
  • Hunting for my trowel, which tool is necessary for planting my dozens of small plants (flowers and herbs, mostly) that are sitting on the edge of the porch waiting to be planted.  Personally, I think that the garden gnomes stole it. 
  • Sleeping all night.  With no interruption from the tiny ones.  All due to the recent introduction to their diet of avocados.  Avocado-banana-cereal* for supper (affectionately abbreviated bananacado around here) results in a good 10-11 hours or more of blissful quiet from upstairs.  Rah!  Of course, not feeding them results in…
  • Plugged duct/mastitis.  OW.   That’s all I’m saying.  Freaking OW.  We’re better now (that’s the boobs and I) and I’m pumping before bed until the ol’ bod gets the supply figured out. 
  • Fighting off the ant invasion from hell.  Apparently the entire ant kingdom has my fair city in its sights, because we’re all whining about the ants.  At least I’m not alone, and don’t have to blame my housekeeping.
  • Failing to keep up with my Netflix in any meaningful way, and am considering cutting it down to one DVD at a time.  Am concerned that this may be the first sign that I’m turning into my parents, who haven’t watched a popular television program since 1985 (unless you count Dad’s obsession with “The History of the Gun” or Mom’s love of “House Hunters”) and who have seen, collectively, maybe two movies in the theater in the past 10 years.
  • Reading an actual book, written for grownups, unavailable in board book format.  No sign of hippopotami or hungry caterpillars anywhere.  Rah!

And of course I’ve been working, changing umpty-jillion diapers, spending time with Grandma in hospice, setting up Great-Aunt’s meds each week, visiting my parents out in Mayberry for a weekend, wasting far too much time on Facebook (and FarmTown,) mowing the lawn, washing dishes, getting Piper’s ACL repaired (and keeping her from running or jumping for at least 6 weeks,) taking the kids in for their 6 month pedi visit, having my pap done, etc, etc, etc. 

*The bananacado recipe (for the curious and/or the sleep-deprived parent of an older infant):  1 tbsp mashed banana + 1 tbsp mashed avocado + 1/4 c. dry baby cereal (we favor oatmeal around here) + breastmilk/water/juice/whiskey/other diluent of choice to make a consistency suitable for your offspring.  Feeds two seven-month-old, moderately hungry 13-pounders.  YMMV.

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5 Comments on “Erasmus B. Dragon”

  1. lawmommy Says:

    I really could have used that recipe back at the end of 2000, when I hadn’t slept in what felt like a jillion years, and I would continue to not sleep until sometime in 2003…who knew avocado had just magic properties???

    Alton Brown is an excellent laundry folding companion.

  2. Dana Says:

    You have a great blog. I had not seen it for quite a while(before your new arrivals) and I am glad I found it again. I hope you don’t mind me following it again. Your girls are beautiful. Sounds like all is going well. I did have a question, but I think it is more appropriate to e asked privately, so maybe I can ask later? Enjoy your bouncing girls.

  3. AJ Says:

    Yum, bananacado! Will that help adults sleep? If so I need to try it.

    Thanks for the update.

  4. Christina Says:

    Mount Washmore – ha, love it! And can totally relate. The laundry pile, it goes up and down but it never ever goes away!

  5. Care Says:

    The ant thing is driving everyone crazy around here too. I tried to train Rex to eat the ants – or at least give them a good scare – but no luck so far.

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