Seven Months

I’m writing this a week late.  It’s been busy around here, with Grandma’s illness and Great-Aunt’s move to assisted living, and lots of time in hospitals and doctors’ offices and picking up the slack in a million tiny ways.  It’s good distraction, but still distraction.  I worry that I missed a lot of your seventh month.  Will try to do better with your eighth.

New this month:

Emma has found her feet, and loves to play with them at any opportunity (and eat them occasionally, as well.)  The warmer weather makes them that much more accessible in this shoe-optional family, so she’s a pretty happy camper.

Chloe has a new nickname (and it makes more sense with her actual first name, but use your imagination) – Chlerodactyl – due to her high pitched shrieks.  Emma is Emmasaurus, both for dino-parity and because she has a tendency to growl when irritated.  Watch out, carnivores on the move.

Chloe has her first tooth this month (at six months 28 days of age) and is quite infatuated with it.  She hasn’t used it as a weapon yet, but I’m waiting for it.  Still no impending teeth for Emma, although she does love to chew on anything/everything she can find.

Both darlings had earaches for the first time in April after minor little colds, with Emma skating by with only one sore ear, and Chloe having two.  Then of course the amoxicillin fixed the ears, but led to poopsplosions right and left, and a nice hivey rash for Chloe.  (Not a huge shock, as I’m allergic to it too.)  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

They typically eat four times a day when awake (7, 11, 3, 6) and another 1-2 at night.  They’re sleeping 6 or more hours at a stretch regularly, napping twice a day (9ish and 1ish) for a couple of hours each, and growing like weeds.  We’re well into 0-3 month clothing, and size 2 diapers.

Developmentally, rolling is our favorite activity, other than eating (Emma) and shrieking like a winged dinosaur (Chloe.)  They both move several feet across the living room using the log roll technique, and Emma’s all over her crib at night.  They’re getting closer to sitting, but I bet it will be another couple of weeks, at least. 

They’re both turning into social little creatures, smiling at anyone (including perfect strangers) and laughing big belly laughs at any number of things (often my antics.)  Chloe is ticklish, apparently, and giggles uncontrollably when her clothes are changed and tickle her neck.  Emma laughs a big deep laugh, and has gigantic smiles now that she’s sorted the whole smiling thing out.

They’ve been in their own separate cribs for several weeks now, and that’s working out well.  They’re so mobile and active now that they’d certainly wake one another up.  As it is, Emma could sleep through a nuclear bomb going off in the front yard, and Chloe likes to sing herself to sleep, so that works out fine.  On the other hand, Emma needs comforting anytime she cries or she escalates, and Chloe’s a lighter sleeper, so you can guess whose little noises get attended to at the speed of light, and who’s allowed to talk to herself for awhile if she wants to and is content.

They’ve been getting out a bit more now that RSV season’s passed, going to church and hanging out in the nursery, and even going to Nanny J’s daughter’s prom.  My infant prom queens…

Solid foods are coming soon, which is great for Emma in particular, as she’s been trying to steal Oreos out of the package and is eyeing my drink like a little vulture.  Time to feed the kid something besides milk, already.


Toy keys
Her feet

Having to wait for anything


Standing (with help)
Shrieking and singing


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