Family Drama, Part the Second

We’ve made some progress. Grandma was transferred to a really lovely nursing facility today, and we’ve found (we think) an assisted living sort of spot for Great-Aunt. Cat Lady Aunt hasn’t been involved much or even visited the hospital much, as of course it’s all too hard for her to deal with, perils of Pauline, etc so the rest of us (dad, myself, other aunt, uncle & his wife) have just been taking care of things.

Grandma’s very comfortable now (with a pain patch and a nausea patch) and will be doing a little rehab to see if she can get better at transfers and sitting up a bit, and will ultimately do hospice in the same room she’s in now, and her awesome PCP will continue to see her in the nursing home. That’s all excellent. The place is gorgeous, I have a friend who passed away there recently, and it’s only a mile from my home and my uncle’s. Excellent.

Great-Aunt is looking at a placement in an assisted living community that’s actually 6 blocks from my house (and uncle lives in the next block over) so very handy. We think she’ll like it there, and the finances work. It’s not the Ritz, but it’s nicer than many of the apartments I’ve lived in – definitely not a dive, and nice staff. So here’s hoping.

Aunt is being given the option of either choosing a rent-controlled HUD apartment (we actually have a very nice HUD building here) or going into a psych nursing home if she cares to do so (she has the requisite SPMI diagnosis) or picking a different option of her own and doing whatever she wants with her SSI, personality disorder and 15 cats, but no, we’re not going to financially support her, Grandma is passing away and Great-Aunt will need all her resources to finance her assisted living.

All in all, not bad outcomes across the board (given where we started out) and I’m headed back to work tonight after two nights off. Am exhausted by all of the above, natch, but will just keep on truckin’.

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One Comment on “Family Drama, Part the Second”

  1. Lori Says:

    What a lot of work but such a relief. I’m glad to hear Grandma and Great Aunt are landing in good places. Hope Aunt makes a good choice, too, but from what you’ve written I won’t hold my breath. Good work, Granddaughter.

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