Six Months

Half a year.  How in the heck did that happen?  I celebrated by singing them half of “Happy Birthday.”  The first two stanzas, for the record.  Emma wasn’t particularly impressed, and Chloe was too busy sucking on her fingers to notice.

It’s been a big month for my little monkeys.  They sleep unswaddled now, on their tummies, in the big girl crib.  (Either parallel lying side by side crossways in the crib, or end-to-end lying long-ways.)  They’ve slept through my night (from my bedtime to morning) twice now, and that’s absolute heaven.  They’re still nursing up a storm (I’d estimate 30 oz a piece per day now, based on my pumping output at work) and are generally cheerful, sweet babies.  No teeth yet (or solid foods) but they’re chewing their hands constantly and drooling all over.

They watch Baby Einstein and love to read books together (latest discovery – Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton.)  We’ve started going to Baby Bookworms at the library (with other kids 0-18 months) and that’s a ball.  The exersaucer and jumparoo have been test-driven, and they’re liking them.  I think they’ll like them better when they’re tall enough to reach the floor without multiple volumes of the Time Life Construction series to keep their feet from dangling 5 inches in the air, but I digress.

Mobility is coming right along.  Both of them roll both directions now.  Tummy to back started occurring regularly almost a month ago, and they’ve both mastered back to tummy in the last week.  Emma can nearly sit up with a little assistance with balance, and Chloe loves to “stand” supported on your lap.  Chloe’s leading the way in the fine motor department (putting her paci back in, moving toys to her mouth to chew on them) but Emma’s not far behind.

Emma remains my more serious kiddo.  She has to check everyone out before offering smiles, and is becoming a real mama’s girl.  She thinks I’m incredibly funny, and will giggle and belly laugh at my antics (dancing, funny noises, tickling, etc.)  She’s opinionated (no comments on where she got that from) and notices *everything*.  We were sitting on the porch swing a few days ago, and she noticed the red cardinal perching in the forsythia a good 20 feet away, and watched him for a good five minutes as he moved into the redbud tree.   She’s my little scientist.

Chloe is a little ball of sunshine.  She has a smile for everyone, and loves to socialize.  She’s always grinning when I get her out of her crib after a nap – the kid can go from crying to megawatt smiles in an instant.  I think she’s a developing extrovert.  The current joke is that Emma’s going to develop the plan to take over the world, and Chloe’s going to sell it.  Chloe loves to watch people talk, and loves to “talk” with you.  We spent a happy ten minutes this afternoon looking through the LL Bean catalog, and she gave every impression that she knew exactly what I was talking about.

They’re just the best pair of babies ever, and I’m head over heels in love.  Sometimes I just want to wake them up so that I can play with them (although most nights I’m ready for bedtime – they get a little crabby in the last hour or two of the day) and even the middle-of-the-night feeds are mitigated by their huge smiles.  I’m very, very lucky.

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3 Comments on “Six Months”

  1. Nicki Says:

    I can not believe it’s been six whole months already. Seriously, that’s crazy. They sound like they are so completely perfect and wonderful and thriving. You are such a beautiful family!

  2. Care Says:

    Happy Halfway-To-The-First-Birthday Day! It is hard to believe it has been 6 months already.

  3. Natasha Says:

    How wonderful they sound! I cant believe how quickly they are growing up! Where’s the pics!!

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