Resolutions Revisited

We’re 1/4 of the way through the year already (how did that happen?) so I’m revisiting my New Year’s Resolutions.  (Thanks for the idea, Nicki!)

1) Finish a cross-stitch project this year.  A real one, for me, in a frame.  I’ve worked on this a bit, but it needs more attention.  Maybe I need to schedule this for one nap a week?  (Considering that all mama free time is measured in naps and bedtimes these days.)

2) Scrap at least 10 pages a month.  (A bit ambitious, but otherwise will be crushed under a large pile of baby pictures, and will have to dig Piper out with a snow shovel.)  Hahahaha.  Better get out the snow shovel.  Haven’t scrapped a thing.  The best I’ve done so far is to print all 100ish pregnancy photos and the 400-odd baby photos from their first five months.  And they’re all in a giant stack, waiting for me to start.  Maybe one nap a week here? 

3) Eat in such a way that I’d want my daughters to imitate me.  By the middle of this year, they’ll be on solids.  By this time next year, they’ll be on 100% table food.  I want them to learn good habits from the start.  (Not that I subsist on Doritos and Mountain Dew, but I do get a little sloppy when I’m just cooking for myself.  Too many convenience things, not enough vegetables.  You know the story.)  I’m doing better.  Not perfect, but better.   I’ve started taking my lunch to work at least 1-2x/week (and I only work 3x/week) – that translates to fruit and yogurt and a Smart Ones meal vs the cafeteria’s oh-so-healthy fried chicken strips and waffle fries.  And I’m doing better with breakfasts – I’m back to my cheerios or Kashi routine.  A little at a time…

4) Get more fresh air.  With two infants, and winter, and having been on bedrest and thus out of the habit of taking walks, I’m not getting out enough.  Piper and my waistline would both benefit from more time outdoors, and the babies aren’t made of spun sugar.  I can bundle them up on decent days and take them for a little stroll.  We’ve inaugurated the new double stroller, so I just need to get it together during baby-awake time (probably late afternoons) and head out.  I’m home and awake every single day between 3 and 6, barring running an errand, so what’s my excuse now that it’s generally pretty nice out?

5) Spend less time online.  Oogha.  It’s such a time-suck for me.  Let’s say less than an hour per day, aside from pumping time.  Hahahaha.  Again.  And I’m not pumping anymore.  Must improve here.  One hour a day (other than surfing at work during downtimes, and not counting paying bills or doing CME.)  Startiiing…now.

6) Keep up with my CME (continuing medical education.)  I had to do 39 hours between December 27th and 31st this year.  That’s a bit excessive (and I have 50 hours to do by June 30th, rather than December 31st this year, due to some boring requirements that I won’t get into.)  Fair.  I’ve got 5.25 hours done at this moment.  Which is a far cry from the 25 hours that should be done by now, by rights.  Better than 0, though, which was my tally at this time last year.

7) Clean one room per day, to keep the house in decent shape.  My previous method (clean the house in one fell swoop) is nigh unto impossible with the twinks.  Good opportunity here to listen to Alistair Begg’s podcasts.  Could be worse, could be better.  The board of health hasn’t shown up yet, so I suppose that’s a good sign.

8 ) Consider and start working on Christmas crafts for gifts by the end of January.  The possibilities are endless.  Current frontrunner – hand-stitched Christmas ornaments.  I’m thinking one for everyone, plus a donation to Heifer project, and call it good.  Hahahaha.  It is to laugh.  Still thinking about the options, but counted cross-stitch isn’t on the list.  Anyone for a hastily-glued snowflake made out of popsicle sticks?

9) Read through the Bible in a year.  I’ve done a full read-through before (over the course of a couple of years) but not in a while, and if I can’t get to church until RSV season’s over, I want to be doing something.  I keep up with this about one day in three.  Which, I suppose, is better than nothing at all.

10) Floss.  Twice a day.  I hate it, but if you take care of your gums, they’ll take care of you.  hee.  Apparently twice a day is too often, according to the dental gurus.  Who knew?  So I’m flossing once a day, ideally, which works out to four or five times a week.  Which is a good four times a week more than previously.  Score one for oral hygiene!

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One Comment on “Resolutions Revisited”

  1. Care Says:

    Hey, it’s progress. Better progress than me. Which could be because I’m lazy and didn’t get around to even making resolutions this year.

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