The bubs had their 4 month shots today (What?  They’re only 3.5 months adjusted!) along with their Synagis, so we’re having a low-key kind of day around here.  Lots of nursing, napping and tylenol, and I’m doing about eleventyone loads of laundry.  And frittering away my time on the internet.  And praying my boobs don’t explode if these kids don’t wake up from their mega nap soon.  But I seem to have gotten off-track here.

I’m looking for new blogs to read.  And I need to overhaul my sidebar.  So you (yes you, over there in your pajamas, and you, I see you sneaking a peek at the internet while at work, you naughty minx) are given the following assignment.

1) List five of your favorite blogs (aside from this staggering work of internet literature, obviously.)  Any/all topics are welcome.

2) If your blog isn’t listed in my sidebar, post a link and hit me over the head with a metaphorical frying pan.  It’s obviously an oversight on my part.  I blame twins + breastfeeding + exposure to mag sulfate + working nights.  No.  Brain.  Cells.  Left.

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4 Comments on “Blogapalooza”

  1. Lawmommy Says:

    Well, of those that you don’t already have on your sidebar, I am pretty fond of:

    Attack of the Redneck Mommy (

    and also

    Her Bad Mother (

    and Metalia (


    Our Valentine’s Day Treat ( (don’t let the fluffy title fool you, Laura is hysterical.)

    Totally unrelated to blogging, but allow me to induldge our mutual love of Veronica Mars by asking: Did you see Jason Dohring has been cast in a pilot for the CW called Body Politic? (Excuse me while I go drool in a corner and think about J.D. playing a reporter for the Washington Post.).

  2. Sandra Says:

    I have lots of blogs about attachment parenting and natural childbirth and the like one mine, as well as a few sprinkled political ones. I have information like infant nutrition and delaying vax’es on mine too… check it out if you’d like!

  3. Dianna Says:

    Not sure if I’m over there or not, but I’m not all that interesting either! However, you should definitely be checking Other than that, you have all of my regulars… Elaine, Christina, Nicki, Julia…

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