Sleep Overhaul v2.0

I’m off tonight, tomorrow night and the night after that.  So it’s time for the big “we will learn to sleep in our cribs” fiesta.  Our normal bedtime is 1900, but with DST it’s been a bit disrupted.

1858: Babies with full bellies in fleece jammies, dry diapers and swaddlers in bed with wubbanubs.  Chloe scored Rocco the Penguin and Emma had Miss Kitty the cat.  Baby Einstein lullaby cd?  Check.  Kisses on the head?  Check.  Ladybug nightlight?  Check.  Lights out, shut the door, baby monitor on.

1905: Chloe still talking to herself, but no apparent distress.

1910: Rebinking (Chloe) necessary.  Emma has wriggled out of her swaddler and is awake but happy.

2005:  Rebinking x 2.  Both fine once rebinked, Emma still doesn’t want to be swaddled.  Eyes shut. 

2100:  Emma wailing.  Rebinking fails.  Pick up, swaddle, rock & binky.  She re-settles in about 5 minutes.  Possibly cold.  (It’s 28 degrees at last check and their room isn’t the warmest.)

2310: Up to feed.  Both partially kicked out of swaddlers.  Minimal fuss at going back down, with wubbanubs.

0015: I finally go to bed (yeah, I know, whatever) – both sound asleep.

0300:  Up to feed.  Normal normal normal.  Back down with no fuss.

0645: Up to feed/for day.  Now very content on their play mat talking to their jungle animals.

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One Comment on “Sleep Overhaul v2.0”

  1. Amy Says:

    LOL! I had to laugh when I read:

    “1905: Chloe still talking to herself, but no apparent distress.”

    Reminds me of my SOAP notes… 🙂

    I’m on a month-long ED rotation, and boy, my days and nights are all messed up. Been hanging out with the crazies who come out to play at all hours of the night…

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