I know, I know.  Only the lamest of mommybloggers blog about laundry.  But I never actually said I wasn’t lame.

So Starbuck’s mom babysat for me a week ago, right?  Very sweet of her.  She did some laundry that was sitting in the laundry room while she was here.  Way above and beyond the call of duty.  As she was leaving, she said that I’d run out of detergent (absolutely true) so she hadn’t started the load of baby clothes that she’d put in the washer.  Sure, fine, will run it when I get more soap, no problem.  Thanks much, kiss kiss bye. 

This weekend, my mother comes into town.  Meanwhile, I haven’t touched the clothes in the washer, but do have new detergent (actually another tupperware-full from the Sam’s Club bucket in the basement.)  So mom starts the clothes that are in there, dries them, and takes them out to fold them on the couch.  Only *then* do we see the huge amounts of MILDEW on my babies’ clothes!!!  WTF!!!  This wasn’t a little corner here or there – this was a good 10 pieces (including their valentine’s present sleepers from Aunt K, and several new things) of stuff covered in spots of mildew.  So clearly, Mama Starbuck turned on the water, and didn’t drain the thing, and didn’t TELL me.  OMFG.  I was pissed.  Turns out that multiple hot soaks with clorox 2 helps with mildew, and I’ve salvaged two pairs of pants and a sleeper so far, but come ON.  Who does that?  Seriously!

And then, today, to cap it all off, I washed a highlighter with my scrubs. 

If anyone’s in touch with the minor laundry deities, please instruct me in the appropriate sacrifices, or we’re all going to be wearing rags.  Perhaps sackcloth is easier to launder?

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4 Comments on “Laundering”

  1. Megan Says:

    What about Oxyclean?

  2. Natasha Says:

    OMG, I would be pissed too! Like doing laundry isn’t bad enough already!

  3. Shae Says:

    OxyClean salvaged my favorite Gymboree outfit that my mother left in the corner, unbeknownst to me. A good soak, and it was good as new. FYI Oxy Clean works best in a small basin with loads of Oxy Clean. FYI again…too much Oxy Clean will eat a hole through your clothes.

  4. Care Says:

    Argh – so frustrating! I use OxyClean too – has saved many an outfit in our house.

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