Sleep Overhaul

So the kids didn’t nap today worth a tinker’s damn.  And Daylight Savings started.  And I’ve been meaning to get them started in their cribs this week anyway (and then realized that we have shots later in the week, and didn’t want two changes at once.)  And then Emma started wailing when she went into her swaddler (good and tired, and full of milk, and wearing a soft terry sleeper – where do I sign up to sleep like that for 12 hours??)  Then Chloe chimed in.  And the wailing continued in the P&P bassinet in my room.  Despite re-binking.  And turning on the fan.  And the obligatory Baby Einstein lullaby cd. 

So I threw caution to the wind, got out the loveys I’ve been saving for post-swaddling, took them out of the swaddlers and plopped them on their backs in the crib.  I brought the monitor and lullaby CD into their room, turned them on, binked the kids, did a little patting and left.  I’ve been back once to re-bink Emma, and twice more for Chloe (who’s usually my easy sleeper – go figure) and now we’ve had silence for a good 30 minutes.  Here goes nothin’!

ETA: 8:29 – 5 red bars on the monitor.  Uh-oh.

ETA: 8:46 – still wailing in chorus (have been up there since ~8:32,) now inconsolable.  We nursed, then back in the P&P in our swaddlers.  Will try again (just the crib transition, not the rest) in a few days.  Oogh.

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One Comment on “Sleep Overhaul”

  1. Care Says:

    Oh, those are not such fun times. Hopefully the next attempt will go better.

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