Five Months


My gorgeous girls are growing up! They’re now right at 11 lbs, and filling out their 0-3 month things nicely. Emma actually crept ahead in the weight department at their last ped visit (by 1/4 oz) which is her first moment of being “ahead” since the days when she was gavaged in NICU and Chloe was at home having to work for her supper.

They’re both rolling over (tummy to back) intermittently, about twice total each, although neither seems to have any idea how she’s done it. It’s coming, though. Both are developmentally right on track for five-month-olds, which is amazing given that they’re gestationally only three months. They hold their heads up very nicely, can do the baby pushup on their hands when on their tummies and love to be sitting up whenever possible (but can’t maintain it on their own.) Emma in particular is starting to get interested in my food – I’m sure she’ll be glad when we start solids in May.

They’re both in love with their Wubbanub penguins (both named Rocco and interchangeable.) Chloe can put hers back in her mouth without assistance if it’s reasonably close, and Emma hold him in a headlock when she’s not sucking on the paci, just to keep him handy. I’m thinking it may be time to introduce loveys. They’re still swaddled to go to sleep, but are starting to break out of the swaddle at times. I’m hoping to keep them swaddled until it’s safe to put them down on their tummies, but we’ll see.

They’ve settled into a good schedule of sleeping from 7 pm to 7 am (with two feeds in there somewhere) then a nap from 9ish to 11ish, eat at 11, nap again from 12:30ish until 2:30-3ish, eat at 3, play (and maybe catnap) in the afternoon then eat again at 6, and go to bed.

Emma’s likes:
medicine (bubble gum flavored prilosec, mylicon, cherry tylenol – she’s not particular)
the boobs
the light fixture in the living room that looks vaguely like a breast

Emma’s dislikes:
waiting for anything (food, change, get out of carseat, etc.)

Chloe’s likes:
the mobile on the swing (butterflies and bees)
the boobs
bouncy/movement games (ride the horsie, superbaby, etc.)

Chloe’s dislikes:
medicine (although she’s learning to tolerate the prilosec)

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4 Comments on “Five Months”

  1. iambrowneyedgirl Says:

    Your girls are adorable!

  2. ibcheryl Says:

    They really are cute! Good job mom!

  3. Natasha Says:

    Aww, Kate! They are beautiful!!! And getting so big!!!

  4. Care Says:

    Those are some sweet smiles!

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