Dribs and Drabs

* The babies have begun to notice one another this week.  Emma grins at Chloe occasionally, with this “OMG!  It’s you!” face.  Hysterical.  Chloe mostly wants to pat Emma on the face, like a toy.   Will have to try to get this stuff on video.

* The tide of snot is turning.  Thank heaven.  All three of us are ready to have the snotsucker back in the cabinet for awhile.

* I hate to admit it, but I kinda like Taylor Swift.  Aargh.  Can feel any possible music coolness cred slipping away…

* Starbuck’s seeing someone.  Not particularly serious yet, but the possibility’s there.  Neither of us has dated much at all in years, so this is just kinda bugging me.  Can’t really put my finger on it.  I’m all for her finding someone if it works out, that would be great for her – it’s just an upset to the routine, and I hate those on principle.  (And of course am a titch envious – I wouldn’t trade my girls for a hundred boyfriends/husbands/whatever, but there’s always that little twinge of “if you’d just tried harder you’d have found someone.”  And of course I don’t have the time or much energy for such things right now, myself.  Sigh.)

* I’m about 95% sure that I’m going for #3 (which of course  could be #3 and #4.)  I’m looking at doing consults summer 2011, with an ivf cycle in the fall/winter.  I’d like another late summer or fall baby, and don’t want to have another till the girls are close to 4.  All this subject to change multiple times between now and then, and of course “man plans, God laughs.” 

* The little rodents slept almost 7 hours in a row last night.  This would be grounds for rejoicing, except that it was 6:30p-1a, and that it was my work night so I missed the whole thing.  But yay for lengthening stretches between feeds, and sleeping longer!

* What’s Darius Rucker (or as Starbuck calls him, Hootie) doing with a solo country album?  Who next, Michael Stipe?

* I’m researching first baby solid foods.  And word on the street is that the Easter Bunny is bringing bowls and sippy cups.  When did my babies get so big?

* This having two infants + single + working full-time thing is hard, yo!  The real rubs are 1) getting/keeping the house clean, and 2) cooking something more complex than a Healthy Choice meal (and 3) that I miss doing craftsy stuff like scrapbooking.)  3’s a pretty logical outcome of having two babies and a full time job, but I’m thinking 1 and 2 could be managed nicely if I just had a wife.  Or possibly Alice from the Brady Bunch.  Volunteers?

And now I’m going to go cook something decent for dinner (that is, something with multiple food groups that didn’t come out of a freezer box) and see what Tivo has for me.

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3 Comments on “Dribs and Drabs”

  1. hp Says:

    Get a cleaner. My twins are 6 months and I’ve just given in.

  2. Lawmommy Says:

    Yeah, the Hootie as Country Singer thing is boggling my mind.

    Husband and I often joke that we need a wife…we also joke that we need an ex-husband, someone who is obligated to take the children for one weekend a month…

  3. Natasha Says:

    A cleaning lady for a day is a wonderful just because gift, lol! The girls sound precious! Yay for #3, exciting!

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