The girls went for their Synagis today (RSV prophylaxis) and other than a sore ham apiece they’re doing just fine.  On our doc’s scale (the official measure) they’re 10#3 and 10#8 (Emma and Chloe, respectively.)  Only one more Synagis in March and we’ll be through the winter!  Hurrah!

In other news, Emma is now mobile.  I put her on her tummy on the play mat with Chloe, then went to get dressed after my shower, and came down to find her all the way across the living room, still on her tummy (and mightily p.o.’ed, too.)  My hunch is she rolled there, but maybe she’s scooting.  Time will tell.  Chloe?  Still just where I left her, grinning at herself in the mirror.  These two, I swear…

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One Comment on “Synagized”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Awww! Wow, time sure is flying, no? Go Emma!

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