Four Months

I can’t believe that it’s been 1/3 of a year since I gave birth to these two little darlings.  I can hardly remember life before, although I seem to recall something called “sleeping through the night” and something else involving being able to quickly leave and run an errand without regard to feeding/changing/sleeping schedules or the necessity of schlepping two infant seats and a diaper bag.  All of that said, they’re the most precious things in the entire world.

The current update:

They’re into their 0-3 month clothes (which of course necessitates a bit of an ebaying spree for me.  Shucks.)  Social smiles and head control have been accomplished, and they’ve both learned to “talk” to you (vocalizing while taking turns in conversation.)  Rocco the Wubbanub penguin (and his clone) are very popular, and they’re learning that they can manipulate him to get their pacifiers back in their mouths.  Such progress!  Their eyes have definitely settled on blue now (as they should, genetically speaking) and they’re starting to get some real hair (both light brown, and Emma still has more than Chloe does.)

They’ve settled into a schedule now, which makes my life a bit easier.  Up at 7a, eat, play a bit, down for a nap around 8:30-9, sleep until 10:30 or so, eat, play some more, down again around 12:30, take a good long nap until around 3, then eat again, play (with often a short catnap) until 6, eat some more, then down for the night at 7 (with a feed around 11 and another around 3.)  Lots of eating (particularly now that we’ve dropped the bottle supplements – it’s all boob, all the time now) and sleeping (I’d guess about 18 hours a day right now) and play and reading books (But Not the Hippopotamus and the Very Hungry Caterpillar are faves, and we’re dabbling in Beatrix Potter, too.)

Emma is 10#4oz, and a really analytical sort of baby.   She’s always studying something – a light fixture, the cow on her mobile, etc – and loves music. She’s also fussier about getting things done “right now” – if she’s hungry, she wants to eat this second, or she’s going to beat her face against my shoulder until I get the hint.  She smiles, but you have to work for them, and she’s doing really well with her gross motor skills (great head control, can sit up while leaning on something for several minutes at a shot.) 

Chloe is 10#10oz and is my social butterfly.  She’s very, very social – great big smiles at everyone, will fight sleep to keep smiling at whoever, especially someone “new” like Grandma. Loves to charm everybody and “talk” to them. She’s pretty mellow about getting her needs met, and if she gets riled up she’s pretty easy to soothe.  She amuses herself for quite awhile, without any problems.  Right now she’s been lying in her activity gym for a good 20 minutes, kicking her feet, “talking” to the monkey and making happy noises. 

The past four months have flown, and I know the rest of this year will too, and soon my babies will be toddlers.  They’ve already nearly tripled their birthweights!  I’m snuggling as much as I can, while I can.

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One Comment on “Four Months”

  1. Natasha Says:

    How wonderful! It sounds like they are doing beautifully! Sweet girls, good job, Mom!

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