Bouncing Baby

Just let Emma roll off of the bed (as I was situating Chloe on the nursing pillow.)  Poor little duck.  Have examined her thoroughly, she’s nursed and is fine, and of course have called grandma the ped for a second opinion, and will be doing neuro checks all night, but waaaah my poor baby.  She was more startled & mad than anything, but I still feel terrible.

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5 Comments on “Bouncing Baby”

  1. Care Says:

    It’s probably harder on you than anything. Glad she is okay. One of my thio managed to do the same thing.

  2. tamara Says:

    It’s amazing how durable they are. Good design.

  3. Jamie Says:

    Ugh…we have all done that. My worst was when I dropped a twin at about 3 months after I had fallen asleep while holding her. Nothing quite like that guilt.

  4. Natasha Says:

    That has happened with each of my boys, my MIL said if they fall off something before a year old, they’ll live a long life. Made me feel a little better, lol!

  5. CoCo Says:

    One of my favorite stories from a friend of mine, who’s son was 9 by the time I heard the story and we know the kid was ok.

    Basically she had an older son and baby and she was taking care of them both just exhausted. The baby fell asleep on her lap and she fell asleep too. Got a bit to relaxed/exhaused and let her legs go straight and the poor little guy rolled right down her legs to the floor.

    Glad cutie Emma is ok

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