Pounds, that is, at our three month (more like 3.5 month) ped visit this week.  Chloe was 9#4oz (followed by a mammoth poo, so let’s say 9#3 shall we?) and Emma was 8#13.  Both were 21.75 inches long.  I don’t know head circumferences – will have to look them up at work (the beauties of an EMR.) 

They’re both on the actual growth charts for height and weight now, albeit at 5th percentile.  Corrected for prematurity, they’re at 25th-ish for weight, and 50th for height.  Head circumferences were at 90th-95th percentile, corrected.  Go girls!  (And still with the biiiiig coconuts.)

ETA: Head circs were 40 and 40.5 cm (E and C respectively.)  Just for future reference.

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2 Comments on “Nine”

  1. Care Says:

    Way to grow – and lol at the big coconuts!

  2. Natasha Says:

    Wonderful! Go girls, and go mama!

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