Continuous Zofran Infusion

I’m thinking it’s time to start a continuous Zofran infusion for, oh, the next week or so.  Between the ever-growing Obamania (lo, the cure for all the world’s ills has arrived!  Huzzah!) and the annual crap festival that is MLK day, well, I’m ready. 

I have no problem, really, with giving MLK a holiday.  Or giving civil rights a holiday.  Or whatever.  But the fact that MLK day has turned into some kind of national “let’s be sure to educate our children about the wonder of MLK” week-long festival, while we essentially ignore Presidents Day and Veterans Day (and I’ll submit to you that the sum total contribution of all 43 Presidents is miles more important than MLK, as is that of the millions of veterans) just makes me want to heave. 

Anyone think I can retrofit an insulin pump?  I’m sure there’s an old discarded one around the hospital somewhere.

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One Comment on “Continuous Zofran Infusion”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Week-long? More like month-long where I’m from. Of course, I have no idea what it’s like where I am now.

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