Sperm Anxiety

Now really, have you ever read a blog post entitled Sperm Anxiety?  I thought not.  (Although some of ye IVPers may have…hard to know…but I digress.)

Because I’m a colossal sucker for punishment, I’m actually considering TTC again.  Not anytime soon, mind you.  I’m thinking fall 2011 at the earliest.  But that means I need swimmers.  I have one vial at the RE’s, which we could probably make do for two IVFs (I know of people that have done that) but would really like a few more vials juuuust in case.  I would’ve bought them sooner, but y’know, no paychecks for 6 months leaves a girl a little lacking in the $$$ department, particularly for buying sperm for a rainy day.

Long story short, the donor’s out of stock at the bank.  He was still “active” as of last summer, so I’m hoping it’s a temporary problem, but geesh.  Have an email in to the bank, and will update later when I know more. 

Anyone care to guess how many TTC-tagged posts I’ll have this year?  I’m guessing not many.

Oh, and I was going to have a long rant about Wal*greens and their making me go in three times! for the same refill on Emma’s prilosec (not ready all three times, two of them they were saying it was already filled – no, that’s Chloe’s, they’re twins, same birthday you imbeciles) but the pharmacist just delivered it to my house HIMSELF and comped it, so I take it back.  But will I be calling ahead next time campers?  Yes, I will.  Three visits to the pharmacy with twins in January is about two too many.

ETA: They’re releasing more vials of my donor tomorrow.  Huzzah.  Now I know what I’m spending part of my tax refund on.

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3 Comments on “Sperm Anxiety”

  1. Rachel Says:

    This insanity must be going around…I just posted about how I’m in the ‘thinking’ stage too! And I already have 2 kids too! Since I’ll be 35 this year, I’m thinking more in terms of months than years before ttc again, but it’s still a dizzying prospect, isn’t it?

  2. Care Says:

    Woohoo on getting more donor vials. I still think sometimes… And think some more. But I can’t.

    And yeah for the Walgreens pharmacist who made a house call – that is service. I’ve done the multiple trips to the pharmacy a lot – usually with a hyperactive child who is out of ADHD meds (damn rx limitations on controlled meds). Hyperactive kids and pharmacies don’t go well together. Even using the drive through lanes, it is not fun.

  3. Natasha Says:

    How wonderful! More swimmers must be a sign that its the right idea! LOL! As someone who wants a large family, I think its awesome!

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