Three Months

Trying to put a month’s updates together each month, both for my own benefit someday when I can’t remember, and for anyone else with similarly-aged kiddos. 

The babes are three months old today, 5.5 weeks, corrected. We’re estimating about 8.5 lbs each, and they’re just about to outgrow their newborn pampers. (Newborn clothes still fit nicely, with the exception of the newborn gerber onesies which are sized for gerbils.)  We threw them on the baby scale at mom’s on Friday, and we estimate Chloe’s 8# 12 oz, and Emma 8# 8 oz, more or less.  We didn’t take off their clothes. 

Chloe is becoming incredibly social. She’s very smiley (her first really big smile was on the 2nd), cries if I take Emma out of the pack & play and leave her there, and loves to just hang out and stare at your face. She’s started sleeping much more, and has become more mellow since going off of caffeine (last dose on Christmas Eve.) Her prilosec seems to be helping her reflux, and she’s really a very happy baby.  Chloe’s somewhat stronger in the head-control department, although it’s a close call.  She loves tummy time and has started to occasionally, randomly bat at the toys on the bouncy seat toy bar.  I’m thinking that she’ll make the connection to volitional toy-batting soon.

Emma’s a mover and a shaker. She’s now rolled from front to back (on the 28th) and back to front (on the 1st) although she’s yet to do either of them again, and I’m not sure that she knows what she’s doing. She really wants to be part of the action, and will cry to be picked up if she hears something going on that’s out of her line of sight. Emma loves to eat, and will come after me like a little piranha sometimes, which is cute (if just ever-so-slightly disturbing.) She’s not at all shy about voicing her opinions anymore, and once you get her going, world watch out. Chloe will settle back down easily, but Emma will fight to the death.  Emma’s starting to smile, too, but would mostly rather watch you with furrowed brow, trying to figure things out.  She also kicks her pants off when she gets really mad.  Whether this will be a useful trait in later life remains to be seen.

They’re both working on head control, and right now very much resemble the bobble-headed chihuahua one sees in the back of an el camino from time to time. We’ve dumped the apnea monitors (on the 18th) despite not having true permission to do so. They’re plenty old enough now, and the false alarms were killing me.

Both babies love their mobiles (one with teddy bears, one pretty pink one on their crib – a Pottery Barn 2nd hand steal, one brightly colored farm animal on in the upstairs pack n’ play, and best of all the 70’s retro one at Grandma’s house.  Plays It’s a Small World and features jungle animals.)

They feed every 3ish hours during the day, and go to bed at 8 p.m. (footie jammies, nurse, then to bed) and are up at 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. for fortified bottles (about 3 oz a piece.)  They’re up for the day around 8 a.m. and then nap at least three times during the day, with one good long one in the afternoon (ideally.)  Baths are twice a week, in the pink hospital tub (although they’re close to outgrowing it) and both of them like them now.

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2 Comments on “Three Months”

  1. Rachel Says:

    It’s so great to see how far they’ve come!

  2. Natasha Says:

    Aw, Kate! They sound so wonderful! I am so happy they are growing big and healthy!

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