2008 In Review

It’s time for that meme again:

Post the first line (or two) from the first (real) blog post of every month, for a Year in Review 2008.

January:  Using a sharp knife and/or slamming a glass door while drunk = very bad idea.  (Can you tell I worked on New Year’s Eve?)

February: I’m pretty well over my cold, but wound up with a really nice gastroenteritis Saturday night, and am just now starting to feel better from that, just in time to go back to work tonight.

March: I have it on good authority that it’s a bad idea to simultaneously 1) be drunk, 2) be driving and 3) be playing on one’s cell phone.  (Work strikes again.)

April: So I went for a sono today due to continued spotting (I wasn’t scheduled for one until next Tuesday) and the RE about had to resuscitate me.  It’s triplets.  (April Fool.)

May: I’m home from vacation (which, like most vacations, was a lot of fun but not terribly restful) and turned around and worked two nights after getting home.

June: What does an ER PA’s night look like, in a mid-sized, Midwestern city hospital with level I trauma?

July: The raspberries are ripening!  This was my dessert last night – fresh-picked red raspberries.  Num.

August: 24 weeks today, still pregnant!  Hooray! 

September: We’ve cleared a big hurdle, and the girls are still on the correct side of my abdominal wall.

October: We hit 32 weeks today.

November: I can’t believe that my babies are already a month old.

December:  Confidential to Piper:  Just because the bucket of clothespins has fallen off of the dryer, that doesn’t mean you should devour them while I’m feeding the hairless puppies. 

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One Comment on “2008 In Review”

  1. Lawmommy Says:

    Your January line compels me to tell you that my brother had to leave the New Year’s festivities to go take a fresh set of scrubs to his wife, who is an RN, who was working (at the ER) last night. She went through the TWO extra pairs that were in her locker. And what happened to the last set…was just…ew. My brother used the words “soaked in blood” when he came back. I think people do really, really stupid stuff on New Year’s.

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