Marriage.  Mawage is what bwings us togethah today.  Mawage…that bwessed awwangement…that dweam within a dweam…

Sorry, got sidetracked there.  All this kerfuffle about Rick Warren giving the inauguration invocation has me thinking about marriage, and civil unions, and the whole nine yards, and I’m using my little soapbox here to share my 2 cents.  Read on, or not, as you see fit.

I personally think that the government should quit recognizing marriages altogether.  No, not just the bitter single girl talking.  For one thing?  Not so much with the bitter.  No, what I’m saying is that the government should allow civil unions between any two adult, competent people.  No kids, no animals, no rules about whether you’re civilly united with anyone else.  Want to marry three or four people?  Grand.  Get multiple civil unions between whichever of you, and call it good.  I don’t care if you’re plural marriage FLDS or polyamorous druids – do what you want.

But…but…you want to be married?  Great!  Good for you.  Call up your local priest/rabbi/shaman/minister/imam/pastor/good buddy Lou who got ordained online, and get married to the beloved or beloveds of your choice, just like you would normally, then file the paperwork (again, as per normal) with city hall!  Don’t care about a “marriage” but just want to be united to your partner(s) of choice?  Great – go down to city hall, get yourself a nice civil union (regardless of who’s joining up with who) and call it a day.  If your priest only wants to marry women to men, or men to men, or women to women, or nobody at all, whatever works for your religious beliefs is cool by me.  Just don’t go telling somebody else’s religion what to do or not do, and we’re golden. 

Most of all, don’t go telling me that the government needs to recognize, or not recognize, whatever sort of union because of one religion or another’s views on the thing.  That doesn’t fly in this girl’s book.  And remember, I’m one of those scary evangelicals.  But I also have a healthy respect for, when indicated, the separation of church and state.  Can you hear the fabric of the space-time continuum tearing?  I can.  Bwa ha ha.

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4 Comments on “Marriage”

  1. Lawmommy Says:

    I tend to agree the government should stay out of the marriage business. (Provided I could still, you know, make a living dissolving all those civil unions should the need arise.)

    And when I saw the title to this post, I thought you were going to say you were getting married, and I thought, gee, where did she find the time to meet somebody while gestating and nursing twins. I was about to stand in awe of your time managment skills.

    (Actually, I DO stand in awe of your time management skills regardless.)

  2. Sarah Says:

    I have to say, I agree on the whole marriage thing. Even down to the polyamorous stuff. It’s not my place to say who anyone should be married/civil unioned to. I’d much rather it was equal all around.

    And yeah, even though I’m so NOT an evangelical, and don’t like the general stance on gay marriage, I think the Warren choice is a shrewd political move on the part of our prez-elect. How will we solve any impasses by standing up and shouting at each other or refusing to talk to one another? Better to have an open dialog, I think, and Warren seems like the kind of guy who is more open to that. And (gasp) he might have something to say that the rest of us wouldn’t mind hearing.

  3. elowyn Says:

    Fer shur, LM, somebody has to dissolve all those ill-advised civil unions that would undoubtedly occur (just like they do now, as marriages.)

    And yes, SS, I think it’s really a smart choice. He’s had several very savvy ones, seems to me (and I’m not a big BO fan, as you know.)

  4. Jo Says:

    Have to agree with you. Civil unions for all, and if you want “marriage”, go to church. That’s what I’ve been saying for the last few years, that only civil unions should be the legally recognized unions, and marriage something left to the religious folk. Works for me! You take it one step further with the polygamy/polyamory thing, which wouldn’t necessarily be where I would naturally go with such things, but now’s you mention it, why not? It would certainly be a stickier legal situation than your traditional two-people-getting-hitched scenario, but then it would be full employment for divorce attorneys.

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