Brain Dump

1) Sibling rivalry.  I’d have thought I’d have a few months before this kicks in, but Chloe has, in the past five minutes, poked her sister in the eye, pinched her sister’s face and stolen her sister’s paci and thrown it, and now is trying to latch on to her ear.  Oy vey.

2) Am worried about $$$ wrt my nanny.  Her initial “asking” amount is greater than 1/3 of my gross.  Just can’t do it, kwim?  Need to do the math and see what I *can* do…

3) First social smile today, from Emma, on being rescued from her carseat (after getting home from Hellmart) and getting ready to nurse.

4) I’m done with my Christmas shopping!!!

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3 Comments on “Brain Dump”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Oh, the early years of sisterhood. Filled with scrapes, scars and grudges held. Hopefully they’ll be best pals when they grow up.

    Babysitting costs are the ONLY reason I don’t have another kid on the way. It seems so unfair that women on welfare with 8 kids get free childcare, but we ‘responsible’ working moms have to scrape by.

    Congrats on getting the shopping done. I don’t know if I got everything, but I’ve sworn I’m not going to shop anymore.

  2. Natasha Says:

    Too funny! My 3 boys are always at it. I have reached the point where if there is no blood/broken bones I just can’t get involved! LOL!

  3. Jo Says:

    Congratulations on the smile! Stunning, isn’t it?

    Your girls clearly are advanced, as I didn’t have anything that looked like sibling rivalry until mine were about 6 months old, when they tangled over a toy.

    Sorry about the nanny sticker shock. It’s really tough, those early years. I spent big bucks until recently when I felt an au pair was a good solution – it’s a relatively affordable way to go with preschool aged kids, but with infants I’d stick with a nanny. Any chance of a live-in, or do you have enough room? They are cheaper, because of the whole room/board thing, but you have to have the space and the temperament to have another adult living in your space. Good luck with that — I know all to well the stress over the whole childcare thing, both the quality and the cost thereof.

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