At the risk of utterly jinxing ourselves, the little dictators have gone five hours between feeds at night, two nights in succession!  Now, that’s start of feed to start of feed, so I’m still only getting ~3.5-4 hours of sleep in there, but that’s soooo much better than 2.5!  Woot!

(And nobody start spouting something like “5 hours is sleeping through the night.”  Any night with a 4 a.m. in it is not “through the night.”)  But 5 hours is still great!  Now if only Chloe hadn’t had a bellyache at 4 a.m. that kept us both up until 6, it would have been a really fantastic night.

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One Comment on “Five”

  1. Care Says:

    Wow – hope they keep it up. It might not be sleeping through the night, but it still is nice to have at least one decent stretch of a few hours to sleep.

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